Erica is a creative writer in love with the written word and belief that life

lived with compassion and love fights the darkness inside us.

Her writing captures readers, throwing them deep into the story,

and leaving them wanting more.

A published short fiction and poetry author, she is working on larger pieces including

"Disease and the Beast"and a three-part dystopian fictional series"The Kill Rides"

When she is not writing she's enjoying life with her

quirky and energetic children, two crazy dogs, and husband!! 

A former corporate drone turned content writer, Erica brings well-crafted, valuable skills to each project taking the time to understand your business, product, or niche. She's a perfectionist who realizes that time management, organization, and attention to detail is as important as client relations. 

"There's more to writing than the words on a page." 

With her creative edge, you get exactly what you a envision for your blog, website, or article. From easy-going blogs to in-depth & well-researched articles,

Erica approaches each piece with excitement, confidence, and creativity by

adapting and changing to your audience. 

Feel confident knowing Erica provides excellent attention to detail and quality research for your small business branding, blogging, ghostwriting, content writing, and copywriting.


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