Works in Progress

The Kill Rides, Book One

Determined to survive in a post-apocalyptic society, accusations fly in the face of vindication, few fight in the face of hypocrisy and condemned are sentenced for their treachery, guilty before innocent.

Caden has dedicated his life to saving what is left of humanity while they search for a habitable planet, as Earths own extinction closes in. When a plot to destroy The Command goes awry, they sentence Caden to a lifetime of murdering those he promised to save for a crime he did not commit.

Will Caden accept his new life in this dystopian apocalyptic future or will he fight for a new world that The Command is desperate to keep hidden? Samples and more information on my blog ‚Äč

Published Works

~Another Butterfly, Flash Fiction, Ether Books

Ether Books App on iOS and Android 10/2011

~The Worst thing, Flash Fiction, Ether Books,

Ether Books App on iOS and Android 10/2011

~The Kill Rides mini Episodes, Dirty Water News

Issue 69-72 Published 8/2/2012

~Void, Torrid Literature Journal

Volume II - The Bare Naked Truth, Published 4/3/2012